With Deep Roots we will grow back stronger.

Maui and all of Hawai‘i’s pae ‘āina are binding together to provide immediate relief to those most impacted by the devastating Maui Fires. But as impacted families rise to their feet, we must also begin the process of recovery and empowering our ‘ohana to reconstruct their communities for the future

This includes advocating for accountable FEMA, federal, and state support, actively opposing disaster capitalists who may seek to exploit the situation, building back more robust and equitable institutions, and working to ensure that we have elected officials who will be accountable to local people, not opportunistic special interests.

Maui and its people were in environmental, economic, and political crisis before these fires and will continue to be long after the ash settles and the cameras disappear — unless we organize to change it.

A fight over the future of Maui is coming. Opportunists are already seeking to capitalize on Lāhainā and Maui’s crisis to profit as Maui rebuilds. The Big Money special interests who have held back progress in our islands for too long and helped create the conditions for our current mess can not be the ones to profit or lead us on the way out.

We are binding together our deep roots, as community leaders of Maui and organizations of Maui, to grow back stronger.